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Hi, I'm Alyssa

I am an aspiring writer with a passion for travelling. I am currently based in Moscow, Russia. In 2011 I graduated with a degree in linguistics and since then I have tried several jobs quite successfully. However, I have always felt that I am living somebody else's life, NOT MINE, for sure! It dawned on me that I want to be my own boss, to find myself in different places of the world whenever I want, and to live a happy life without schedules. I travel from time to time and I am extremely fond of writing about my travels, so I decided to connect the two passions and see what will come out of it. So, now I am currently learning to live my dreams and live the life that IS MINE! I am starting to build this blog to chase my dreams!

Where Have I Been?

I have been by now to 17+ countries including France, Italy, Spain, Maldives, the USA, Sri Lanka, Malta, Cyprus, Moldova, Romania, UAE, China, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

If you ask me what my favourite place is, I will answer that my heart is captured by New York. The USA is the country where I stayed the longest and I will definitely return to explore more of it.

The Best is Yet to Come

I decided to start this blog in hope to be some inspiration for you, My Readers, to encourage you to travel and to leave the life you want! I would like to show you that whatever you dream of is in your hands and is more than possible when you put your passion and some effort into it.

In this blog, I will share my experiences and stories of my voyages as well as the useful tips I have learnt from my trips!

Give yourself the pleasure to see the world! And travel wisely!